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New circus and fire theater

This Summer! RE Cap-Melting Patterns & Octopus Heart

Basic Biology Album Release

This was a blast and a half and we are inspired to continue working with Basic Biology and associated crews!  Look for a live cut from the show but please check out the Official Video

and get some tracks at BeatPort–where The guys are officially charting!!

Here are some Karel Moonen stills from the Release Party with Yours truly, Take Flight and Noctivison video mapping!

Octopus Heart

Monica Silva and our team of 20 people including Golden Boots, puppeteers, costume designers, ushers, stage hands, riggers and more–we put over a year of hard work and design to manifest a beautifully moving performance.  Check out the images from Karel Moonen and look for a run of Octopus Heart this fall at the MSA ANNEX/Culture Collider!


Global Stilt Congress V

Join us at ARCOSANTI this year for the 5th Edition of The Global Stilt Congress!

Workshops run from May 19-June 2 with the culminating performance of

The Legislation:Citizen Ship on Friday May 31 and Saturday June 1–both at 6 PM

Workshop Registration

Tickets for The Legislation: CITIZEN SHIP 

Upcoming Education thru the Summer

Check out the schedule at Tucson Circus Arts for after hours stilt and fire spinning fun!

Upcoming at MSA ANNEX/Culture Collider


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