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New circus and fire theater

Circus & Fire Theater

Flam Chen have been creating, performing, and touring new circus and fire theater since 1994. We create dazzling public spectacle merging daredevil acrobatics, pyrotechnics and a mastery of light, air and fire.

Our interest in community interaction, educational outreach and public ceremony has led Flam Chen to innovate work that imbues the exhilaration of a symphony, the timeless beauty of opera and the raw physicality of sport.Flam Chen

Civic leaders, city centers and creative communities cry out for work that is inspiring, un-elitist, bonding and celebratory. Through procession, community skill-building workshops and novel use of public space, Flam Chen has developed a uniquely American style of Road Theater. This is performance unconfined by black boxes or velvet seats, this is what new audiences want-To be re-connected to the POWER and VELOCITY of the performing arts.

Flam Chen embodies narrative themes that seesaw between dark and light. Fantastic realms inhabited by creatures at once human and animal–invade and transform mundane spaces into playgrounds that are whimsical, macabre and other-worldly.

Flam Chen’s work ranges from the intimate, to large scale residencies that include company designed workshops, combining student talent, troupe talent, and community culminating in spectacular yet meaningful  community built works that resonate with locally derived history, energy and depth.

wideshotwomanwithtorchWith our combined technologies, creative engineering and effects, we create a sense of immersion, wrapping the audience in hypnotic visions from any of the dozen original shows in the troupe’s repertoire, along with custom-made performances for public projects and private commissions. Flam Chen are the exclusive flyers for Scream Awards and have flown and created performance for such luminaries as director Tim Burton and Spiderman/Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee.

FLAM CHEN hosts and produces international performance artists at events in Tucson, AZ and collaborates in many projects throughout the year.  We perform benefits for many communities, multitudes of charitable organizations and are co-founders of the annual All Souls Procession Weekend which draws upwards of 150,000 participants region wide and performers and creatives from all over the world.

Our non-profit affiliate, Many Mouths One Stomach (MMOS) has become a vanguard of cultural activity in the Southwest Region and beyond, organizing community events made in participation with the public and offering year round educational opportunities.  The All Souls Procession is North America’s largest, most unique and inclusive community ritual to honor the dead.


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