Flam Chen

New circus and fire theater

The 34th Annual All Souls Procession Weekend!

Nov. 3-5, 2023

Here at Flam Chen …we have sought to unify community, high art, spiritual purpose and clarity of intent…

The All Souls Procession has become a community standard and a spiritual staple for Tucson and the World.

From it’s humble beginnings as a small, unsanctioned and very personal event- to now-has been a journey in and of itself. The community grew this from word of mouth with no marketing, no title sponsorship and composed entirely of time, sweat and blood.

Flam Chen responded by setting an example for community interaction, integration and public ceremony for the last 25 +years. In many ways the All Souls Procession- created Flam Chen… It drove us as a company to lean into the deeper relevance of gathering folks together for the sole intention of Remembering & Celebrating together-the memories of those we have lost.

The event is still non-corporate, artist funded, free to attend and built right here at home. We are excited to present this years 34th annual event with no boundaries to participate, interact or experience this visceral, tangible joy and healing that comes from processing together and enacting a very clear, secular and non-hierarchical public ceremony for EVERYBODY.

No gurus, no witchcraft, no tricks, no monetary gain or intention to profit…the simple act of walking together and immolating names & memories in flame is simple, concise and powerful. We invite you to Participate


and Propagate the ideas, concepts and revelations that come in and out of this event.

Friends, artists and common folks gather from all parts of the U.S and the world-to walk with us in Tucson, tune into the live stream, gather at any or all of the events over the 2 month window of the highly intentional, creative storm that is The All Souls Procession Weekend.

Watch the Livestream featuring Odaiko Sonora, Earth Seed rising/ Funhouse Movement, SORIAH, Bad Unkl Sista and Flam Chen.

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