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All Souls Procession 2016 wrap and onto the Fisherman’s Wish!

The 27th Annual All Souls Procession was indeed magnanimous!

It was watching a dream unfurl…  Our vision of Morgan Sorne ‘s angelic voice presiding over the finale ceremony was breath taking and powerfully emotive.  Such lovely contributions of directorship over the 8 week building process.  Mike Larriva Directed the Fire Crew-Kimberly Mullen directed the ground dancer team-Marisa Campa Stilt Director-Kelsey Erickson directed the Aerial Dance-and both To-Ra-Nee and Melanie Cooley directed the Ambassadors and Urn attendants.  The 8 week process of putting together the Grand Finale is both draining & fulfilling simultaneously…  The Grand Finale annually resets the measure of both Flam Chen and Co. and sends out a distinct ripple of heartfelt remembrance to  all points in the universe.  We are grateful to be able to give this gift each season…

Watch the LiveStream HERE

Photos: Jody Cummins & Susan Tiss




Coming up for Flam Chen & Co.

We are re visiting a film project from way back in 2005 and bringing it to stage in real life in 2017.

The relaunch of The Fisher’s Wish will be premiering at Creative Machines March 31 & April 1, 2017 and coming to El Paso, TX, Arcosanti AZ, Phoenix, AZ and points beyond.  We are excited to bring this Cineographic work to life as we believe it is even more relevant today then ever!  As well we have more talent  & technical prowess accumulated to be able to stand this up as a theatrical production…AND it will help us finish the dang movie!!

For a strange window into 11 years ago check it out:

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