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The 27th Annual All Souls Procession

The 27th All Souls Procession Weekend is like a steam train arriving at its stop with 150,000 of you attending and traveling to Tucson from all points on the globe.  We are, as always, super excited to present the Grand Finale this year.  It is a manifesto of sorts, an authentic way in which to use fire – for memory and reflection.

This year we are stoked to have SORNE performing and presiding over the Grand Finale with his amazing vocals and exquisite song writing.  Other guest artist this year include Kimberly Mullen-dance ethnologist & performance artist who is choreographing the dance section of the Grand Finale.



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Please check out All Souls Procession for more details on the weekend festivities

The Finale grounds this year will have 6 installations from artists based in Los Angeles, Chicago, Istanbul, and of course Tucson.

Temple of Ascension-Steven Eye

Fallen Soldier Memorial-Donald Cooley

Transcendental Man-The Engineer

Chiminea Planteria-Spencer Edgerton

The Colombarium-Ruben Palma

When Children Die , They Do Not Grow-Ozlem Ozgur




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