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Summer 2009 Recap

Hi Friends, We have had a delightful and fulfilling summer so far….We spent 3 weeks at Arcosanti and created a performance for Maestro Soleri’s 90th Birthday…for us it solidified an amazing decade of hundreds of performances and thousands of amazing stories, risks and rewards that our company has taken or been a part of. When we performed at Arcosanti it was for Paolo’s 8oth Birthday Celebration-as well it was Arcosantis’ first exposure to Flam Chen and Friends and one of our first site specific and multi-faceted performances…In some ways it was where the contemporary version of what we do evolved from. It was a crystallizing moment for both Flam Chen and Arcosanti–respectively. You can read about some of it here at Daniel Anderson’s Blog as well you can see Arcosanti Today and read the reflections of their community about the events. Here is an un-cut HD shoot of the 3rd installtion we staged that evening: VIMEO LINK shot by Jeff Kunzlemen. And a sample of photography from Tom Willet, Alfonso Elia, Stu Jenks and James Horeka (in that order).

willettweb alfonsoweb1 stuweb


Our next public performances in Tucson is on August 29th with The Mission Creeps for the TIKI Erection at THE HUT. More details TBA

From now until November is the push to create the funds necessary to produce the All Souls Procession. Flam Chen and Friends plan to produce several benefits this year in conjunction with dozens of other groups and guest artists. We aren’t big on whining about our situation ..but this year and in 2010 in particular, we are bracing for lackluster or no funding from our previous sources as well-with the city & state in a crunch..of course our costs will be rising…So I implore you—– If you give to one thing to the arts please make a tax deductible donation to the All Souls Procession Weekend… We are making every effort this year to make it easy to donate on night of…as well..with as many mass participants as we have accumulated, we can surely get $1 from each of you night of for a completely commercial free funerary event. Workshops for the Grand Finale will start in September-Please visit again for more details.

As far as our weekly classes—Our current class schedule is posted here: Tucson Circus Arts

We are looking forward to another wonderful local season this year!

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