Flam Chen

New circus and fire theater

Papa Boneshaker Trilogy

Classic Vaudevillian villains, trashy heroines and an original Steampunk twist mark the dark circus world of Papa Boneshaker. A failed ringleader drowning in surreal visions of debacle and multiplicity.

papaboneshakerwebsm2005 – Papa Boneshaker’s Combustible Revolution

Featuring Tucson Roller Derby, Windpipe the Clown, I Madonnari Chalk Artists, Molehill Orkestrah, Bicas, Greathouse Labs and Sunnyside Marching Band.

A grand introduction to the sordid and magical world of Papa Boneshaker-complete with marching band interuptus, 200 ft boom crane and fire cannons that blast flames over 50 ft high.

This was the first of 3 collaborations to end a grand bicycle race with a bang!

pennyweb32006 – Penny Farthing’s Fantasy of Flight

featuring the work of Carpetbag Brigade, Molehill Orkestrah, Elemental Artistry, Mat Bevel, Greathouse Labs, and Shaktipat Marching Band.

A true love story embodied as Papa promises his mistress Penny — the flight of her life!  A tremendous collaborative experience that culminated with a crane effect and our signature Helium Balloon special effect.  This was the 2nd of 3 finales for the El Tour De Tucson.

We have since fused all of these performances into a collaborative show with the Carpetbag Brigade and that can be purchased and made bespoke  any theme or event.

el-tour-de-tucson-finale-concept-20072007 – Amelias Airborn’s Aeronautic Adventure

featuring Wisefool NM, Molehill Orkestrah and Adam Cooper-Terán. This installation was the finale of Papa’s Circus — His heyday had arrived as well as the destruction of his very soul eaten away by his polarized psyche and his surly wife returning to claim his life and fortune.

This was 3 of 3 for the El Tour De Tucson!  A smashing good time for such a bitter end.

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