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Flam Chen presents, OCTOPUS HEART.
Directed by Monica Silva featuring the live music of Golden Boots and stunning visuals of Tra Bouscaren.

Flam Chen Aerial Director, Monica Silva shares a deeply personally & inspiring multi-media, physical theater, dance performance inspired by her occupation as an E. R. nurse.

Octopus Heart an evening-length performance exploring the human heart through the rituals of the Emergency Room (ER).

Through dance, aerial arts, live music, and video, Octopus Heart bridges the worlds of art and medicine, revealing connections between apparent opposites: patient and clinician, health and sickness, poetry and everyday life.

The performance follows a patient who enters the ER with chest pain and is diagnosed with Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, in which the heart muscle is damaged after a serious emotional shock, or “broken heart syndrome.” The syndrome was first diagnosed in Japan and named after the octopus pot (takotsubo), whose shape the heart mimics during this malady.

About the Artists

Golden Boots deconstruct American roots music by borrowing elements from rock, punk and country to create a new-wave absurdist collage. The project was started in Tucson, AZ in 2002 by songwriters Ryen Eggleston and Dimitri Manos. An ever shifting line-up of musical contributors over the years has created a diversity in sounds on the the albums and at live shows. The current incarnation of the band includes long time collaborators tidypaws on keyboard and saxophone. Golden Boots specializes in mutant pop songs and sprawling minimal instrumentals for toe-tapping weirdos and humorous freaks.

Tra Bouscaren’s work has been featured nationally and internationally at venues including the Museum für Naturkunde of Berlin, Victor I Fils Gallery in Madrid, Centre Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Fort Mason Center for Art and Culture in San Francisco, Hallwalls in Buffalo, Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and New York’s Lincoln Center. Bouscaren has been represented by N2 Gallery in Barcelona since 2008.

Choreographer Mirela Roza, choreographer and former dancer with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey
—Marisa Campa, Emma Lee Larriva, Erika Marquez and Mike Larriva, experienced in circus arts and dance
—Lorena Carrion, former principal dancer with Codanza in Cuba, and professor of contemporary dance in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States
—Gregory Colburn, modern dancer, dance and yoga instructor
—Shawn Connelly, breakdancer and modern dancer
—Aerialist Devin Bayly

Sponsor this work directly through a Tax Deductible Donation through our fiscal sponsor Many Mouths One Stomach and receive donor perks as part of your Octopus Heart experience.

Flam Chen, PHAT Entertainment, and Free Love Digi present:
“Melting Patterns” Album Release Party

Featuring the works of Basic Biology
Performing their new record & video collaboration
(highlights with Flam Chen and Take Flight)
Skynia, Ariel b2b CLPRT, Quentin Hiatus vs Ghast, SET
And visuals by Noctivision
Saturday April 6, 2019 5 p.m.- 10 p.m.
@ the MSA ANNEX 267 Avenida Del Convento, Tucson, AZ 85745
$12 Day of show // $10
Advance Tickets HERE

Basic Biology releases their 2nd recording-Melting Patterns-with an evening of curated live and electronic music and performance art inside of a stunning visual mapped environment at the MSA ANNEX.
Just as this new year crested the band planned, designed and shot a music video with Flam Chen and the photographic direction of local media master Jeff Smith for the title track of the new release and all the collaborators are super excited as the shoot was exhilarating and yielded a uniquely stunning piece. It preview that evening as well!
Over the months, post their Night of the Living Fest 2018 Sunday evening 2hr show the idea and design of the shoot started as caffeine fueled conversations at Hermosa Coffee (located at the MSA ANNEX) where Tommy Brinson and members of Flam Chen fed each others loves of both bass driven music, media mapping, performance art and filmmaking. This led to a designed and executed shoot in one choice, Westside, local cineographic environments that many will recognize…

About the Band:

Basic Biology is the organic creation of two different dudes with two very different musical upbringings. Thomas Brinson (Thomas B) started producing after 20+ years as a DnB DJ and Matthew Cassidy is a multi-instrumentalist who started playing music at age 10. Matthew and Thomas met through common friend, and producer, GHAST.
One late spring, Matthew was approached by GHAST to sing on ‘Null Explodes’ by the collaboration group Onism Qi (Quentin Hiatus, Ghast and Thomas B). After working on ‘Null Explodes’, Thomas and Matthew started sharing music with each other and a natural chemistry was born.
They take an experimental yet palatable approach with little consideration for bpm, style, or genre; they simply enjoy creating what comes naturally using organic and synthetic elements.


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