Flam Chen

New circus and fire theater


Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis, presents us with a modern myth and archetypes that are a fertile field for imagery and just as potent now, as in 1923. An original score by NOT BREATHING-acts as a call and response from musicians to performers. 3D Digital mapping , high-power projections, circus arts and novel use of Tesla Coil effects expand the cross-currents of the narrative, as we ruminate on a power age that has moved from Steel to Copper to Titanium and the historic struggles of the worker or ‘hands’ to find Fritz Lang’s elusive mediator, the “Heart.”

The parallels of personal enslavement and liberation from the machines of our creation, the possibilities of the Heart; the power to create anew and the potential for machines to develop a separate historical path of their own. We place strong images alongside one another- thru projections and physical theater that give the audience an opportunity to relate to a varied choice of entry points and interpretations as we face the close of the Industrial age.

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