Flam Chen

New circus and fire theater


Directed by Nadia Hagen and Athena Hagen


  • Shaman Moore- Sun Denise Bey- The Moon Monica Silva- Mercury Erika Marquez- Venus
  • Aurelia Cohen- Mars TRN Wolf- Jupiter Allison Desrosiers- Saturn
  • Crew
  • Artistic Director- Nadia Hagen-Onuktav, Technical Director/ Master Rigger- Paul Weir
  • Sound- Bill Elm, Lighting Designer- Zane Nichols

An Embodied, Interactive, Performative Enactment of your Star Chart.
Did you ever wonder how you could be dropped onto this planet with absolutely no instructions?
Well, I have wondered, even my IKEA Flitselvuger came with instructions… But not me?

Astrologers have interpreted star charts that correspond to our dates of birth as guides or even personal instruction manuals for centuries. Interpreting the effects of the heavenly bodies upon our earth and selves as currents we ride to our destinies and fortunes.
Ancient rites from Greece to India, guided generations through embodied journies to seek revelation and grounding.
In 2019, my daughter and I began evolving ideas for a workshop series that would take Astrology out of our heads and ground the information in our physical bodies.
We were inspired by modern astrologers, Caroline Casey, Cayelin Castell, author Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes and the Directorial and “Psychomagia” of Alejandro Jodorowsky.
We used journaling, drawing, dancing and guided meditation to absorb abstract concepts and gain useful, embodied knowledge about our relationships with planets and their energies.
Astronomica evolved out of these conversations and exercises.

“Go,go,go, You will have an amazing time!”
– Kathleen Dreier
“Amazing truly inspired and powerful!”
– Jill Hofer

This show is brilliant and oh so FUN❣️😍🤩 For all those in the Tucson Area who love live performances where you get to interact with the performers (and especially if you have any kind of interest in astrology as an embodied experience)
I am still riding the high energy from last night and getting to experience some of my favorite performers including Toreenee Wolf, Nadia Hagen, Aurelia Cohen and getting introduced to new favorite performers Athena Hagen and others. I imagine all who attend will have their hearts and minds blown wide open❣️

– Cayelin K. Castell

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