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New circus and fire theater

2022 and Beyond!

Emerging from the last 2 years we are grateful for our health and our resilient community. This 32nd Annual All Souls Procession was a relief in so many ways with over 160,000 in attendance we were able to enact a safe and outstanding public experience for everyone. The MSA Annex has become a center for public events, as we have an open air environment that can facilitate the needs of a current, event attending audiences.

Coming up we have several events to share:

Link to THE MSA ANNEX events calendar

AstroNomica-A custom, curated, small audience, interactive creation for May 12-21, 2022


The 33rd Annual All Souls Procession Sunday November 6, 2022

Cineography and NFTs

We have been working on several projects lately some of which include creating Dance NFT’s and consulting and empowering artist and creators to engage the emergent technology of WEB 3. We have been able to not only create new work as NFT artworks but also to revive exciting movement and content from years past. Explore our galleries at:



Love > Fear-A bespoke film creation for the National Day of Remembrance 2021

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