performance art

Love & Hate at the Chicken Sister’s Ranch

Inspired by the aesthetic spirit of Jodorowsky’s El Topo and classic spaghetti westerns, Chicken Sisters spoofs the genre with stilt acrobatics, stage pyrotechnics, fire dancing, and dazzling live VJ ing from Antralhead. Anamorphic characters disturb the peace until a visit from the Ultimate Regulator, Sheriff Ya Ya – a 12 ft. tall, gun-wielding, fire lassoing…

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The Monkey King

The Door to the Gracious Kingdom is shut. But wait…the doors fly open and amidst blinding light — Hanuman, the Monkey King is ejected!!! Poor sad monkey — how will he regain favor in the Celestial Realms? A tale ablaze with battles, magic fetishes, monsters and gods. This epic pan-Asian tale of their great hero…

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Ms. Spyder’s Combustible Tea Party

Little Ms Fara put on her mascara waiting around for a call- along came Ms. Spyder and sat down beside her & ate her up fishnets and all! A Macabre yet comic cabaret style theatrical show, great for smaller venues. All the animals have been invited to a raucous tea party by the infamous Ms….

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Papa Boneshaker Trilogy

Classic Vaudevillian villains, trashy heroines and an original Steampunk twist mark the dark circus world of Papa Boneshaker. A failed ringleader drowning in surreal visions of debacle and multiplicity. 2005 – Papa Boneshaker’s Combustible Revolution Featuring Tucson Roller Derby, Windpipe the Clown, I Madonnari Chalk Artists, Molehill Orkestrah, Bicas, Greathouse Labs and Sunnyside Marching Band….

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