Flam Chen

New circus and fire theater

Large Scale Special Effects

Over the years each custom armature or effect carries an entire realm of uses and appropriations of different themes & intentions. These effects can stand alone or be worked into any one of our repertoire shows or installation pieces.


Flying from the MOON!

Our 25 ft Moon Balloon is a stupendous effect for any large festival, grand opening or celebration.  Pictured here at Electric Forest 2015 as the grand finale to the String Cheese Incident’s famous Saturday Night Set.   Photos: Karel Moonen

Angel Mobile

Angel Mobile is a free spinning, 6 ft diameter, tri-spoke spreader rigging armature made to hold 3 dancers-working load app. 3500 lbs.



The Octagon is a free spinning, 12 ft diameter 8 pointed spreader rigging armature made to hold up to 20 dancers-working load app. 10,000 lbs

Cluster Balloon Performance

Harnessing the power of literally zillions of ancient helium molecules in a live act of alchemy-lifting human density off of the planets surface all in the name of performance and celebration! The imagination is unlimited with this amazing effect. An extremely flexible aerial rig, the bouquet can support many effects — Entrances and exits from scenes, aerial silk, lira, and other aerial apparatus as well as issuing pyrotechnic and confetti effects… The bouquet also provides a 35 ft tall organic visual canvas for lighting and video effects.

We have been fortunate enough to have the privilege of performing with this rare resource. The act of harnessing the precious molecular medium alone creates magic.
Definitely in a category of its own, a Cluster Balloon presentation can stand alone or create a dazzling site specific aerial effect for one of our shows.


Burning Sculpture-Object D’Arte

FLAM CHEN has perfected the art of constructing and burning large sculptural centerpieces in close proximity to audience and civic infrastructure — safely and effectively. A burning centerpiece finalizes or highlights an event in a memorable, tangible and visceral manner. We have constructed and burnt dozens of pieces, both flying and stationary with great success, creating an everlasting impression on our audiences and participants.

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