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All Souls Procession 2015!

It’s the 26th year!! What a testimony to the endurance, passion and sustainability of this creative community.  What started as an intimate event in 1990 is now this massive community ceremony for participants from all over the world! Here is the schedule of events for the weekend. More information on the event can be found…

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We have been creating, performing, and touring new circus and fire theater since 1994. We create dazzling public spectacle merging daredevil acrobatics, pyrotechnics and a mastery of light, air and fire.

Our interest in community interaction, educational outreach and public ceremony has led us to innovate work that imbues the exhilaration of a symphony, the timeless beauty of opera and the raw physicality of sport.

We invite you in to explore our world!

CIRCUS NOWCN modified — advancing contemporary circus in America

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