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Fishers Wish & Flam Chen Venue Update

Arcosanti 2017

We had a wonderful time deepening the ocean of The Fishers Wish at our favorite place in the world to perform, Arcosanti!

Not only an achitectural wonderland but a deep and tangible ethos of DOING permeates and informs the space is so affirming to create work in.

Images by: Karel Moonen


Mercado ANNEX

The Grounds have been broken!

For the new Mercado ANNEX on West Congress Street.

Flam Chen will be the resident theater company and will be producing events of all kinds from live music, visual art, community workshops, cinema and our fist home season of shows coming in 2018!  We are excited about this partnership with The Gadsden Company as they have been solid partners-not only assisting The All Souls Procession but truly believing in the power of community, arts and culture as that life blood that informs our society.  Tucson is a diverse mix and highly integrated place where mankind has flourished for the …

Flam Chen creates dazzling public spectacle, merging daredevil acrobatics, pyrotechnics and a mastery of air and fire arts. Our themes explore narratives that roam from the fantastic to the satirical with elaborate costuming; tightly woven choreography and skills finely honed over 20 years of innovation in new circus arts.

Book us at RajiWorld!
Book us at RajiWorld!

As a working ensemble, we are deeply committed to community interaction, educational outreach, artistic collaboration and public ceremony. We produce bespoke works including the All Souls Procession held annually in Tucson, drawing over 150,000 participants from all over the world to honor their Ancestors.

From intimate private events, to large scale public festivals, Flam Chen creates spectacle for the New Century.

We invite you in to explore our world!
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