Fritz Lang’s masterpiece Metropolis, presents us with a modern myth and archetypes that are a fertile field for imagery and just as potent now, as in 1923. An original score by NOT BREATHING-acts as a call and response from musicians to performers. 3D Digital mapping , high-power projections, circus arts and novel use of Tesla…

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The Monkey King

The Door to the Gracious Kingdom is shut. But wait…the doors fly open and amidst blinding light — Hanuman, the Monkey King is ejected!!! Poor sad monkey — how will he regain favor in the Celestial Realms? A tale ablaze with battles, magic fetishes, monsters and gods. This epic pan-Asian tale of their great hero…

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Ms. Spyder’s Combustible Tea Party

Little Ms Fara put on her mascara waiting around for a call- along came Ms. Spyder and sat down beside her & ate her up fishnets and all! A Macabre yet comic cabaret style theatrical show, great for smaller venues. All the animals have been invited to a raucous tea party by the infamous Ms….

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Papa Boneshaker Trilogy

Classic Vaudevillian villains, trashy heroines and an original Steampunk twist mark the dark circus world of Papa Boneshaker. A failed ringleader drowning in surreal visions of debacle and multiplicity. 2005 – Papa Boneshaker’s Combustible Revolution Featuring Tucson Roller Derby, Windpipe the Clown, I Madonnari Chalk Artists, Molehill Orkestrah, Bicas, Greathouse Labs and Sunnyside Marching Band….

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