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PITFIRE Festival 2012

The Annual Pit Fire Festival is a unique extravaganza of ceramics, music, dance and food! Flam Chen, Batucaxe and Odaiko Sonora will return for another performance at the sixth annual Cochise College Pit Fire Festival, held on the Douglas Campus on Thursday, Nov. 29. The event begins at 5 p.m. and celebrates the firing of…

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Flam Chen at Art Outside-Austin Tx & 2012 All Souls Procession

Art Outside October 19-21, 2012 Art Outside is a unique three day festival combining visual and interactive art, performance, film, as well as a wide range of music bridging genres, from bluegrass to experimental, hip-hop to dance music. Art Outside started with the idea to bring art out of the gallery and into a unique…

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Rites OV Spring at Arcosanti & in Des Moines

Buy Tickets! FLAM CHEN returns to the magical futuristic site, ARCOSANTI for a one night only performance of RITES OV SPRING. “This is the assembly of life that it took a billion years to evolve, It has eaten the storms–folded them into its genes–and created the world that created us. It holds the world steady.” …

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Summertime is Funtime


Our Circus Camp needs some assistance Please Support the Crashpad Project HERE *************************************************************************** Tucson Circus Arts Summer Camp begins May 28th! ALL SESSIONS ARE FULL–CHECK BACK WITH US IN SPRING 2013! *************************************************************************** July and August tour dates announced soon!

Garden Of Airy Delights

Flam Chen and Barrio Brewing present an Aerial Dessert Cabaret, “Garden Of Airy Delights in the Barrio Tree Room” One night only site-specific performance! SOLD OUT!!!  May 17, 2012, 8-10 pm  SOLD OUT!!! Please call Barrio Brewing (520) 791-2739  if you are still interested in getting on the waiting list that will seat between 8-8:15…

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