Lucha de las Familias Gitanes (5:57)


A staged wedding inside of a family feud between The Spaniards-Tesoro and Co. and The gutter Punks Molehill Orkestrah and Flam Chen. This evening length performance offered a battle of the bands flamenco vs circus. One of the many culminating moments that evening was an actual wedding. clip: Clencovision and Antralhead

Lucha de las Familias Gitanes


  View video Inspired by our love of Emir Kusturica films, Lucha de Las Familias Gitanes is a staged battle of two distinctly different Circus families-One family, wealthy gangsters and one family of ragtag nomads. The families are represented by their distinctly different musical accompaniment- Roma flavored Molehill Orkestrah and classic flamenco by Tesoro. Two…

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