Papa Boneshaker Trilogy


Classic Vaudevillian villains, trashy heroines and an original Steampunk twist mark the dark circus world of Papa Boneshaker. A failed ringleader drowning in surreal visions of debacle and multiplicity.

papaboneshakerwebsm2005 – Papa Boneshaker’s Combustible Revolution

Featuring Tucson Roller Derby, Windpipe the Clown, I Madonnari Chalk Artists, Molehill Orkestrah, Bicas, Greathouse Labs and Sunnyside Marching Band.

A grand introduction to the sordid and magical world of Papa Boneshaker-complete with marching band interuptus, 200 ft boom crane and fire cannons that blast flames over 50 ft high.

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pennyweb32006 – Penny Farthing’s Fantasy of Flight

featuring the work of Carpetbag Brigade, Molehill Orkestrah, Elemental Artistry, Mat Bevel, Greathouse Labs, and Shaktipat Marching Band.

A true love story embodied as Papa promises his mistress Penny — the flight of her life!

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el-tour-de-tucson-finale-concept-20072007 – Amelias Airborn’s Aeronautic Adventure

featuring Wisefool NM, Molehill Orkestrah and Adam Cooper-Terán. This installation was the finale of Papa’s Circus — His heyday had arrived as well as the destruction of his very soul eaten away by his polarized psyche and his surly wife returning to claim his life and fortune.

A smashing good time for such a bitter end.

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